colleague spotlight: jordana joseph

Today we're pleased to continue our new blog series, which highlights some of my favorite interior designers and architects in Chicago. For our second feature, I’m happy to introduce you to the talented Jordana Joseph!  

Please share a little about your design philosophy.
Design should be fun, challenging, brave, smart and slightly carefree—at least for the client. For me it is all of those things but also about reading the mind of my clients, so I can learn their tastes and attitudes, both for design and for their expectations of the process. What I would choose personally is not always appropriate for other spaces, so I like to be a chameleon—it keeps my job challenging and rewarding.

What are your favorite of-the-moment trends?
Blush is everywhere right now; it started on the runway a few years ago and filtered down to the sofas. And Maximalism—More is More, as long as it’s all well done.

What are your predictions for the next big trends we’ll see?
I see people getting a lot more daring in what they will have in their homes. I think the Monochromatic Days are finally over and cool boutique hotels are paving the way for inspiration. When people see well-designed spaces they start to understand that it is possible to incorporate some of that into their lives.

What are your go-to classic design favorites?
I love a perfectly comfortable sofa, great vintage furniture, courageous wallpaper, a well-planned kitchen, good flooring, and lots of opportunity for unique lighting.

What are your favorite local shops for furniture and decor?
Unfortunately a lot of the shops are closing, but luckily some of the best still remain and I love these stores as much for what they sell as who is selling it. These are my friends for years and they all have such a unique take on what they select: Pavilion Antiques, Jayson Home, Urban Artifacts on Lincoln, Sojourn in Michigan, Vern + Vera. I buy a lot at auction so I am hanging around Leslie Hindman Auctioneers and Wright quite often.

Do you have any tricks for making rooms look bigger/more open?
Design is always first and foremost about proportions of the room and the furniture that should go in it; this often is a designer’s greatest contribution to a project. If the scale is right, the room will look its best.

What is your favorite Chicago neighborhood, and why?
I love the older houses in Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast. There is nothing better to work with than an original vintage space.

What types of services do you offer?
We do everything from staging to total renovations and have been involved in ground up custom home building as well. I have the best clients and a really great team in my office so thankfully we have been able to tackle just about anything that comes our way!