What you need to know about modern electricity with Molloy Electrical Co.


One of the biggest reasons for my success is my team. And not just my broker team, but my larger team of professionals that I lean on. I can’t think of a single transaction that I have ever been a part of that I didn’t need the help of at least one vendor whether it be a painter, stager, plumber--the list goes on and on. 

Over the years, I have worked with dozens upon dozens of professionals throughout the Chicagoland area, and I have to say that at this point in my career, I have refined my “little black book” to feature the best of the best of the best. One such business is Molloy Electric. Cyril Molloy is the President of the family-owned company, which he manages with his wife, Neelu. They are true experts in their field, and I always learn something useful from them each time we are together. I recently sat down with them to regroup on what is new in their field, and they, as always, had vast wealth of information to share!

What is the biggest mistake you see consumers make with regard to their electrical work? 
With all of the new smart lights on the market, the options can get overwhelming! If a homeowner is remodeling, but not working with an architect, sometimes we will see far too many lights for one room. It’s important to lay out recessed lighting in a very particular manner based on the floor plan. Also, once the lights are installed, remember that you want all of your light colors and temperatures to match for a streamlined look. 

What are the latest innovations in the world of electrical? 
There is a continued effort to reduce energy output, and a lot of innovative technology is coming from that core idea. LED lights for example have improved so much over the past several years! We’re also seeing a lot of electric car charging station installations in garages, in addition to advanced technology that measures energy output in a home. These new measurement devices will be able to tell homeowners where they are doing well with electric output, and where they can improve. 

What are the best upgrades consumers can make in regards to their electrical?
This all depends on lifestyle, but some good baseline upgrades that I think any homeowner would love include: good quality LED recessed lighting, thoughtful outlet placement, USB ports in the kitchen/bedrooms/bathrooms, and dimmers on every light switch. 

What makes one electrician different than the next?
As with any trade, you can’t be an expert in everything. So one thing to know is that if you are looking to install something requiring low voltage, you should look for an electrician that is a low voltage specialist. Not every electrician specializes in every aspect of the trade, so it is important when you are working with electric in particular that your tradesman know what they are doing.  

I also always say to look for someone with a genuine passion for their work. People who are passionate about what they do are willing to problem solve when challenges arise. 

What should a consumer look for in an electrician?
We train our team to not only be up-to-date with city codes, but also to have a strong attention to detail. When installing recessed lighting for example, if anything is off, you will notice immediately. Everything needs to be aligned perfectly.  

If you were building your dream home, what would you install from an electrical perspective?

  • Underfloor heat! 

  • Dimmers on every light switch 

  • Thoughtful overhead lighting layout

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