Appliances like you've never seen with my favorite brand, Gaggenau


Over the past several years I have become a great fan of the appliance manufacturer Gaggenau. If I am showing or selling a home with a Gaggenau wine climate cabinet, without fail, this is the thing that catches everyone’s attention! The way Gaggenau manages to incorporate appliances into the home so seamlessly makes for such a modern, yet warm look.

I became so intrigued by the brand that I sat down with Skyler Stevenson of the Gaggenau team to learn more about what makes Gaggenau so unique.

Why is Gaggenau such a special brand?

According to Skyler, Gaggenau’s story goes back to 1683 in the small town of Gaggenau, Germany where local craftsmen perfected the art of metal nail forging. Today the brand is widely recognized for high end home kitchen appliances, with the brand’s origins tracing back to the town of Gaggenau and those perfect nails. All of Gaggenau’s appliances today are based on the principles of the professional kitchen: refined and precise, versus overpowering and overbearing.

Skyler explains that Gaggenau is very different from other appliance brands. When it comes to appliances, people have preconceived ideas about what they think they need: double-oven dishwasher, range stove, microwave oven, etc. Gaggenau approaches it entirely differently because the appliances are so versatile and customizable. Instead, they look at lifestyle: What do you cook? Do you entertain? Do you have a family? Gaggenau has the appliances that fit each lifestyle, and then builds a bespoke kitchen around those needs.

What are the newest and most popular Gaggenau products?


Everybody loves the Combi-steam Ovens (with built in sous vide capabilities), according to Skyler. Their level of precision is unmatched in the marketplace.


Gaggenau also launched a new line of refrigeration this year, a final component of their handleless kitchen.

What is the latest in appliance technology?

According to Skyler, Gaggenau’s full surface induction cooktop is one of their most exciting new offerings. Up to six pans can be positioned anywhere on top of the cook surface, creating a seamless look and experience.  

Skyler also loves their vacuuming drawer, which seals everything for fast marinating, extended storage, or preparing items for sous vide.

My clients love your wine climate cabinet! What makes it so different?


According to Skyler, the Gaggenau team in Germany designed something truly extraordinary, showcasing and storing wine in a completely new way. When Gaggenau thinks about refrigeration, they consider not only how to showcase what is inside as beautifully as possible, but also practicality so that there is no wasted, forgotten food/beverage.

The cabinet comes in two sizes, and is designed to fit in with everything else in the home. It can store up to 99 bottles in three separate zones, for example: chilling white, tempering red, and long-term wine storage. The interior is made of untreated oak to mimic how wine is aged in barrels.

What should people look for/think about when shopping for kitchen appliances?

  1. First, speak to an expert - not every brand is the same.

  2. Ask yourself: How do I live? What am I hoping to accomplish? What are the meals I like to cook? Remember to build your kitchen around your lifestyle!

  3. Then ask yourself: How long will I have this kitchen? Make sure you think about the future and your needs when choosing your appliances!

Where can people shop for Gaggenau products in Chicago?

Chicago Showroom
The Merchandise Mart
222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 108
Monday - Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm CST
Saturdays: 10:00am – 3:00pm