Chicago's best dog parks


Those who know me personally know that I am a very devoted owner of two beautiful yellow labs, Mavis Belle and Mabel Mae. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is take the dogs on a long walk and end up at any number of local dog parks. It’s such a great way to enjoy our beautiful city! Below is a list of our favorite dog parks organized by neighborhood. Now who’s ready for some summer weather?!

Belmont Harbor Dog Beach
N Lake Shore Dr & Lake Shore Drive Dr
This small enclosed area of beach is just enough space to let your pup go hog wild in the water! A perfect summertime destination.

Wiggly Field Dog Friendly Area
2645 N Sheffield Ave
Technically called Noethling Playlot Park, this aptly-named dog park is actually Chicago’s first! Covered in asphalt and pea gravel, this park is perfect for running around or enjoying the summertime water features.

Wicker Dog Friendly Area
1425 N Damen Ave

What this park doesn’t have in size it has in community following--so go at an off time or it can get crowded. This park is covered in asphalt and pea gravel and also features dog-friendly drinking fountains.

Larrabee Dog Park
652 N Larrabee St

A trip is worth it for the views of the river!

Lakeshore East Dog Park
450 E Benton Pl

A great option for a downtown-dwelling pup, this park is covered in turf and sidewalks and also features water activities in the summer and dog-friendly drinking fountains.

Skinner Bark Park
1331 W Adams St

I love this park so much! Founded in 2014, this park is maintained by a community group that also puts on dog and dog-owner oriented events. The surface is a combination of turg, pea gravel and concrete.

Bartelme Dog Friendly Area
115 S Sangamon St
This park has something for everyone with its location right in the heart of West Loop. Just outside the park there are often food trucks and love music, making it the perfect destination for a summer evening.

Fred Anderson Dog Park
1629 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60616

Built in 2014, this dog park features interactive structures for climbing and a new kind of fun for dogs. I also love this park because there are separate areas for large and small pups.