Prep your home for winter with these 11 steps


This time of year we are all about the “cozy factor,” am I right? Pumpkin spice, scented candles and cozy scarves help fend off the pending winter blues. As a homeowner, one way I add some cozy factor is to prepare my home for the harsh weather to come. It looks like a long list, but these are definitely items you can check off your list in one weekend, and then you don’t have to worry for the next six months! 

Also, another quick note for sellers waiting for the spring to sell: shoot your exterior photos now! Take advantage of the last few weeks of nice weather, leaves on the trees and green grass and get your home in the most positive light. Come springtime when the rest of the listings feature gray skies and dreary lighting, yours will look like a tropical vacation!

Get your home prepped for winter checklist: 

  • Prepare landscaping for the winter months: Cut down perennials that will grow back next spring like tall grasses. If you don’t cut them down, the pieces will blow around your yard all winter long!

  • Clean out gutters: Important so that moisture doesn’t accumulate in piles of leaves and debris. 

  • Clean out dryer vent: An easy video on the step-by-step process is here.

  • Turn off exterior faucets, keep the spigot open and detach hose: I also recommend using foam faucet covers, which you can pick up at Home Depot. 

  • Drain your sprinkler system: Some systems require professional draining, while some homeowners can easily drain. 

  • Cover/ store outdoor furniture: Amazon has some amazing cover options!

  • Service HVAC system: This should be an annual maintenance visit just prior to intensive winter use. 

  • Turn on the humidifier: Have your HVAC specialist service your humidifier when they are out. 

  • Test sump pump: I also recommend a backup battery. 

  • Clean chimney and flue: An important step for aesthetic and safety reasons. 

  • Consider a water alarm: I recommend this high end option and this lower end option. 

When you get through the list, reward yourself with some tea and a cozy blanket!