Chicago's most beautiful blocks: Lincoln Park edition

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Friends are often astounded by just how well I know the city. I tell them living here all your life and working in real estate in 30 years will do that! I really do know it down to the block—quiz me next time you see me! And, it never ceases to amaze me how different each neighborhood and even block is from one to the next. Today I am sharing what I believe to be the most beautiful blocks in Lincoln Park, where I also happen to live.


2000 - 2200 Magnolia
- I LOVE parkways. They add such a nice touch of green, and set the homes back further from the street. This stretch of Magnolia has well-cared for parkways, incredible old trees, and diversified architecture though most of the homes are brick. The brick actually acts as a visual unifier, which makes the overall block that much more lovely.

2000 - 2400 Seminary - I absolutely love the mix of homes on this stretch. It was like someone had a master plan and cherry picked just the right properties to create the perfect combination of older and newer styles, modern and traditional. Many of the homes have nice front yards, and of course all have my beloved parkway!

2000 - 2200 Mohawk - Here I love the mxi of historically significant gray stones with new construction. Builders know that to build on Mohawk means thoughtful aesthetic consideration.

400 - 450 Belden - A more urban-looking street with parkways lined with beautiful, old brick pavers, I love how “Chicago-looking” this street is—I would know it was Chicago out of a million other different streets!

2100 - 2400 Cleveland - The green space along these few blocks is fantastic. For walkersby, the old trees create a perfect arched canopy over the street. For those lucky enough to live on the street, they enjoy extra long lots with larger back yards.

2400 - 2600 Lakeview - The views are what I love in this location. The mix of old co-op buildings and newer high rises like 2550 enjoy spectacular views of the park, and from the high rises—the lake! You also cannot beat the vintage charm at some of those co-op buildings.

Would you like to join me?
I had an idea, would you like to join me on a tour of the city’s most beautiful blocks? I plan to rent out a trolley on a beautiful spring or summer day and take a tour, sharing some of these blocks, along with others. If you would like to join me, please leave me your email address below so we can stay in touch as I plan out the event!