Success Story: Marcia


I love when clients become friends! I met Marcia and her husband through a former client turned friend, and now I am lucky enough to call them all friends! One of my favorite parts of being a real estate broker is that my network is ever-growing--I meet wonderful people all the time!

How did you find Millie?
She was a referral from a friend in Milwaukee, where I was living at the time.

What do you think sets Millie apart from other brokers?
She knows Chicago!!!  Every building we were in was familiar to her and she always had insights and details that came from that familiarity.

What was your favorite part of working together?
Millie had the perfect touch with my husband and me, knowing when to pull back and when to nudge us forward. We had some serious issues with the behavior of the seller, but Millie kept reminding us to keep the big picture in mind and not to lose sight of our goals.  We both came to really trust her.

Did you use her team? (i.e. lawyer, stager, etc.)?
Yes. Her associate Mike took me on a number of first showings. He was an absolute delight.  We also used the lawyer she recommended and he was also fantastic ... knowledgeable, efficient and very reasonably priced.

Would you recommend her to a friend?
Without a doubt!