Success Story: Mary Jane

Last year, I had the privilege of helping my clients Mary Jane and her husband redo their home before we put it on the market. The process was led by Marin (Marc) Nicolaie of Triumph Construction, who brought in a number of incredible teams to restore things like the yellowing oak floors. They were meticulous, staining the hardwood multiple times to get the right color, and the end result was beautiful. Above, we’ve included some before and after photos of the house’s transformation, and I am so thankful to Mary Jane for sharing her story on the blog today! 

How did you find Millie? 

Millie was referred to us by a trusted work associate who had a friend in the industry. When we met with Millie, we had every intention of interviewing two more agents and then making our decision—we’ve bought and sold many houses over the years and are experienced with the process. After spending an hour quizzing Millie, we decided to commit to her on the spot. We figured that if she was that thorough and knowledgeable for a tire-kicking conversation, that she would be even more thorough in a business deal. When she came back two days later with a complete marking plan, we signed up.

What do you think sets Millie apart from other brokers? 

We valued Millie’s honesty and direct approach as well as her experience in the industry and specifically in the Chicago market. We also appreciated how she stayed directly involved in our showings and sale, and yet leveraged her team of associates to make sure we had plenty of day-to-day coverage. She is very practical and realistic and excellent at considering the selling plan based on the feedback from the market. She doesn’t miss a single detail.

What was your favorite part of working together? 

I like how Millie gets things done. She is very organized and when she makes a commitment, you can count on it. She doesn’t waste anyone’s time, but she doesn’t rush you either when you just need to talk. She knows how to strike a good balance.

Did you use her team? (i.e. lawyer, stager, etc.)? 

We used Millie’s stager as well as numerous contractors and crafts people. From floor refinishing and staining, to carpentry tasks, to a masonry project, the contractors’ pricing was fair and their work quality was as promised. 

Would you recommend her to a friend?

Not only would I recommend her to a friend, I’d recommend her to my favorite relative—or a complete stranger.