Success Story: Nik


I’ve been working with Nik and his wife for years now, and consider them not only to be wonderful clients, but also good friends. I’ve helped them buy and sell several houses—including for an aunt who recently entered hospice—and I greatly value the trust they place in me during these times of transition. Thank you for sharing your story on the blog today, Nik! 

How did you find Millie? 

We were looking for a different place to live, and saw something online that we were interested in. The name of the realtor was Millie Rosenbloom! So we called her (this was on a Sunday) and she answered the phone—we setup a time to see the place, though we didn’t end up buying it. We talked to Millie a little bit about why we were moving and what we wanted to do, and she started showing us different places. Ultimately, she found a home that was on a short sale. We had two days to make a decision and buy, or the bank was going to withdraw the price it had set, so Millie helped and we bought the place! And then, since we had bought it, we had to sell our current home, so there was nobody better to help us sell it than Millie. She was able to price it properly, and she brought in her stager and photographer—who was just spectacular—and Millie sold that house for us. 

A couple of my family members were looking to buy houses, so I referred them to Millie and she helped them buy. Then recently, my aunt was put in hospice care, and I needed to sell her house. So Millie’s been working on that for us, and she’s got a buyer. That took about two weeks, and we’re now working out all the details. It will probably be sold by the beginning of May. 

What do you think sets Millie apart from other brokers? 

There is nobody like Millie. She knows the market, she knows her clients, and she has a lot of good ideas about things. Once you make a decision, she negotiates the best price you can possibly get. I have worked with Millie a lot, and there’s nobody else I would ever work with. 

What was your favorite part of working together? 

My favorite part is spending time with Millie! She’s fun, she makes things easy, and she is completely professional. There is nothing Millie can’t do, and can’t do perfectly. 

Did you use her team? (i.e. lawyer, stager, etc.)? 

Millie knows everybody in the world who can get things done to get your house ready. For the house we’re currently selling for my aunt, we had a huge amount of stuff that needed to be cleared out before we could even put the house on the market. We used Millie to clean everything out, and then she brought in her photographer. When we were selling the first place, if Millie couldn’t be there for showings then her staff were there, understanding what needed to be done. As I said, there is nothing Millie can’t do! 

Would you recommend her to a friend?

Of course I would recommend her to a friend; I would even recommend her to someone who is not a friend! Ironically, I’ve met a lot of people in the last couple of years who’ve also used Millie, and we all sit around talking about how wonderful she is.