Colleague Spotlight: Pappageorge Haymes Partners

I am so pleased to feature Pappageorge Haymes Partners today as part of our ongoing Colleague Spotlight series. This architectural firm has been in business for 37 years, and during that time they’ve designed countless Chicago homes including condos, high-rise apartments, town homes, and beautiful single family houses. Their team is dynamic, experienced, and extraordinary at what they do. I’m grateful to partner Brian Kidd for sharing his thoughts about architecture and design on the blog! 

Please share a little about your design philosophy. 

Since its founding in 1981, Pappageorge Haymes Partners has cultivated an enduring legacy of timeless architecture that embodies the unique visions of our clients and harmoniously embraces the essence of each project’s context and spirit of place. In our role as architect, we consistently fuse a deeply imaginative aesthetic with technical innovation and a rigorously practical approach to budget and schedule. 

PH’s body of work ranges from small renovations to skyline impacting high-rises and our expertise in urban housing, adaptive reuse, and mixed-use developments continues to receive both local and national awards. 

Can you share a few photos from a recent favorite project? 

(Photos above)

1. Lincoln Park Exterior: We designed a high-end condominium building in the heart of Lincoln Park along with some very custom interiors. 

2. Lincoln Park Residence: A more traditional home in Lincoln Park that has some modern touches. 

3. Pullman Bar & Diner: A cool diner that we designed the interior for in Iowa. 

4. Lincoln Park Traditional Interior: Classically detailed traditional interior. 

5. 465 N Park: A modern residential tower currently under construction.

What are your favorite of-the-moment trends? 

For exteriors, we eschew anything that could be considered trendy. We carefully consider our client’s requirements with the history and style of the neighborhood in which the building is to be built or renovated to develop designs that are unique. We believe that trends are best incorporated in the interior spaces, thereby allowing the building to evolve as trends change. Currently, interiors are incorporating bold colors and contrasts of texture, natural and machined finishes, and dark and light finishes. 

What are your predictions for the next big trends we’ll see? 

Changes in the technology and environmental sectors are driving quality over quantity in new developments and renovations. Technology continues to advance in simplifying the user experience and changes the way we incorporate it into our lives and living spaces. The importance of conservation of resources will continue to grow with more efficient construction and building systems. These forces are behind the movement for smaller, more efficient, houses with multi-functioning spaces that are designed to adapt to changing lifestyles. 

What are your go-to classic design favorites? 

For classic design, we follow the tenets of a true classic. Vitruvius, a Roman architect and author of De architectura, described a triad of structure, function and aesthetics that is often referred to as the Vitruvian Triad. It’s a bit like the golden rule of architecture. These timeless tenets still guide us today no matter what the stylistic approach to the project may be. At PH, we design for strength, usefulness, and beauty. 

What are your favorite local shops for appliances and decor? 

With the PH office located in the heart of Chicago, we have numerous resources available throughout the metropolitan area and we have developed great working relationships with them. While we certainly cannot list all of these businesses here, a few that come to mind are Abt Appliances in Glenview, IL; Advantage Kitchen & Bath Gallery in Niles, IL; and Studio 41 Home Design with various locations throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. Additionally, we often send clients to the Merchandise Mart in Chicago to visit the home design showrooms there. 

Do you have any tricks for making rooms look bigger/more open? 

There are no tricks, only expert design! Seriously, though, as you can see by our other responses to your questions, design is a process that takes numerous factors into account. In addition to the client’s requirements and budget, we look at the intended use of the space and the surrounding environment to seek a solution that is unique. 

What is your favorite Chicago neighborhood, and why? 

What makes Chicago great is the diverse tapestry of neighborhoods that make up the fabric of the city. It is difficult to choose one part of the city over another. We work in many neighborhoods throughout the city and the more time you spend in each of the different neighborhoods you find these unique and memorable places that offer unique perspectives on what it is to live in Chicago. At PH, our designs are developed to promote the community of Chicago’s neighborhoods. We believe this diverse landscape in which we work has allowed PH to develop a very adaptable and innovative architecture team. 

What types of services do you offer? 

What do you need? We are known for our expertise in housing but have a tremendous amount of experience in many other facets of the profession. In addition to the custom single family work, we are working on large master planning projects, retail, office interiors, hospitality and hotel work, restaurant design and numerous historic renovations and restorations.