My quick and easy CPS resource check list


If you are the parent of a school-aged child living in Chicago, then you are in the middle of what can be an incredibly stressful tile—the CPS application period, running October 1 - December 14. There are endless amounts of deadlines, rules, phone numbers, and official documentation required during this time, so I put together a list of the top resources I supply my clients. 

I always say, having worked in Chicago my entire life, I know a lot of people. If you are working through the application process and run into a road block, please reach out! If I don’t know the answer, chances are I know someone who does. 

Application process step-by-step for high school — CLICK HERE

Application process step-by-step for elementary school — CLICK HERE

Student ID #:
Required for application — CLICK HERE

School types: 
A quick breakdown of options on my website — CLICK HERE

School data: 
Search by school — CLICK HERE

A breakdown of each CPS school’s funding, put together by the Chicago Tribune — CLICK HERE

CPS Tiers: 
CPS Tiers were updated this year, so check which tier your property is in — CLICK HERE

Outside consultant: 
CPS GPS is a consulting group that hosts events or can be hired for individual counsel — CLICK HERE

Online application:

Preschool application — CLICK HERE