Tips and tricks: Closet design with Crooked Oak

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Last month we spoke about how to maximize your kitchen since we spend so much time in the “heart of the home,” and this week we are talking about closets because who doesn’t love a great closet?! With every morning starting with a trip through your closet, shouldn’t it be exactly how you want it?

For me, it’s functionality above all else. Some of the most beautiful closets I see are built without any regard for lifestyle—too many shelves, or not enough hanging space, or too many small nooks and crannies. Step one is to think about your wardrobe, and how to showcase as much of it as possible. I find it so much easier to dress in the morning when I can see all of my options.

The other thing I see constantly in the world of Chicagoland’s closets is the wrong doors! I just finished replacing all of the bi-fold doors in my home, and it was worth every penny. My new MDF doors paint beautifully and never squeak.

To help provide even more food for thought around closets, I interviewed my friends at
Crooked Oak, an incredible local custom closet builder. They have lots of great information to share!

How long has Crooked Oak been in business, and where are you located?
Crooked Oak has been in business for 15 years and we are located in Broadview, IL. Our company was founded by friends Joel Schellhase and Joe Daschbach. Joel had a background in music producing and bringing his people skills to the table heading in our sales department, and Joe is a cabinet maker that helps our artistic creations come to life!

Can you tell us a little about what makes Crooked Oak closets special?
Crooked Oak closets are special because we are not just a closet company — we do high end cabinetry that is very custom. We have no limitations to what we can do. We can do cabinets with wood finishing, hybrid closets with paint grade exteriors, or acrylic–gloss and laminate interiors to help with cost (but have the solid wood/acrylic gloss exteriors).

Can you describe your favorite closet you have ever installed?
One of our favorites closets installed had the works. We did a high-end paint grade closet that had drawers, a variety of accessories, and LED strip lighting everywhere! Very similar to our showroom closet, which inspired us to showcase everything!

What is one thing people tend to overlook when designing a closet?
People tend to overlook the correct use of space, for example shelves in the corner. We make sure to design the best use of the space so every inch is used!