Success story: Kevin finds a seasoned pro


I first met Kevin back in 2006 through events at DePaul. Kevin was the Associate Vice President of Development, and my husband John is on the Board of Trustees. I don’t hold it against Kevin that he’s bought and sold a few properties in the time since we first met since everything turned out well in the end!

This was the first time Kevin worked with a team, and I could tell he had a little trepidation about that. From my perspective, my team is a huge part of my success, and contribute so much to each transaction. Plus, I’m always there for my clients every step of the way. “As I honed in on what I was looking for, Millie was there, already starting to put together ner negotiation strategy together,” Kevin said.

When Kevin decided which property he would like to buy, I came to him with what I believed was a fair starting point, and we went from there: “It became clear very early on that Millie is a real seasoned professional. She was a strong negotiator with a real sense of moving the deal forward. I always tell my friends: hiring a broker is like hiring any other professional, you want the best in the business. With Millie, I felt like I was working with the best in the business,” Kevin recalls.

Once we had a signed contract, my extended team quickly jumped into action for Kevin. “A lot of times, real estate attorneys will kill deals. That wasn’t the case at all with Joe. He was a true master,” Kevin said. I also referred Kevin a painter that he ended up hiring as well.

Working with Kevin was an absolute pleasure, and I am looking forward to working with the friends he has already sent my way!