Success story: Brandon's first purchase

For first-time buyer Brandon, it all came down to the data: “I found Millie through a website that looked at sales numbers/dollars, and she was at the top.” Since he’d never bought a home before, he knew that he wanted the best of the best on his team.

Brandon first started working with us in February 2016 because his lease was about to end. We talked about what he thought he wanted, showed him a few properties that fit his criteria, but nothing was jumping out. “I decided to put the search on hold, and pick it up again in another year,” Brandon says. “During that time I stayed on top of the market by doing my own research, and through Millie’s e-newsletter.”

Fast forward to February 2017, and Brandon is again ready to look at properties, and we found one he was interested in pursuing with an offer. “Millie was very good at always asking me if I wanted her input, which I always did. This time she told me: we can absolutely go in at your price, but I don’t think we will get this property. X, Y and Z will happen, but you lose nothing putting in this offer. Of course she was right!,” Brandon recalls about his first experience submitting an offer.

I immediately went back to the drawing board for Brandon, sending him properties that met his criteria. We did a few more showings, and ultimately found another property that Brandon really liked. “We put in a low offer to start, and Millie was very good at telling me how we would end up at my final number,” Brandon says, “She knew exactly where I was willing to budge and where I wasn’t.”

Once we were under contract, Brandon used my recommended attorney and lender, and had a great experience. “Key Mortgage was very good, and my lawyer was absolutely fantastic. I’m a detailed person, and she was well beyond me in terms of detail,” Brandon recalls.

I love working with first-time buyers like Brandon. There’s something about the educational process that I enjoy so much! “My favorite part of working with Millie is that she was so forthcoming with advice and opinions, and almost every time we were thinking the same thing. That sort of connection is comforting when you’re buying property for the first time,” Brandon says.

As with all my clients, Brandon and I are in regular touch. He likes to consult me on ways to add value to his asset, and I’ve been in touch with a few of his friends looking for properties.