For sellers: My secret weapons for maximizing value


One of the questions I am asked most frequently by sellers is, “What do we need to do to our home to ensure we get top dollar?” There is a lot that goes into the answer. I consider factors like the price of the home, the state of the market, comparable listings and the price of the updates.

I had a similar conversation with a client, Mary Jane. Mary Jane’s home is a beautiful custom build in one of the best neighborhoods in the city, however, in my opinion there were a few important upgrades that we needed to address. So, I met with Mary Jane and her husband to outline my plan, which included handling everything from bidding out the work, to getting it all done.

From Mary Jane: “It was one stop shopping, plus we were confident that we were getting fair deals. Millie is loyal to her vendors, and her vendors are loyal to Millie. I originally questioned a few of Millie’s recommendations, but now that I see the finished product, I totally understand. Millie knows the small shifts that make the big difference. She knows how to sell real estate.”

I first met with my painter to select the perfect wall color. We painted a few swatches on the wall, and then I visited the property a few times to see the colors in different light before selecting the winner. From there, we refinished the hardwood floors while Mary Jane and her husband were on vacation. I’m very particular about how the work is done, so my vendors know to take their time. I handle all of this work as if it were my own home.

And lastly, we replaced the carpeting. I told Mary Jane the total, and she said it was $5K less than she anticipated! A win win! The finished product is beautiful. Mary Jane has mentioned that when her friends saw the photos of the home, they commented on how much they love all the new remodeling! Selling a home can be stressful, to be sure. I believe it is my job to break down the process into manageable, meaningful steps.