New baby, new home

Having recently relocated back to Chicago, Alex and his wife started their home search with a large “online” type of agency. They’d gone on countless home tours over the course of a year, and were no closer to owning a home. 

“We felt we were not getting enough feedback from our agent, and had lost out on a number of offers as a result. Quite frankly, I felt that they were somewhat disengaged in the process,” shared Alex. 

While in the lobby of his condo, Alex and I met. Looking back, Alex says he saw the rapport I had built with my buyers, which was exactly what he was looking for. He saw me pointing out ‘must see’ features of the building and offering personalized advice. 

Within days, Alex says the experience felt different now that they working working with me. Instead of being blindly led through properties, they were now the ones getting the insight regarding location, potential property faults, and competitive pricing. A month into the process, I presented them with a new listing that I knew they would like. 

Forty-five minutes after making the offer, Alex’s wife went into labor. While driving to the hospital in his crazed new-dad mode, I called Alex with a counter-offer from the seller. 

“I would have accepted it,” Alex shared, “but I told Millie that I was in no place to make a decision. I asked her to take the lead; she decided again to counter, but considerably lower, and the contract was accepted. Over the next 48 hours, while we were in the hospital, I relied on Millie’s advice and extensive network of contacts. I followed her step-by-step instructions to setup attorney review, inspection, etc. and she helped coordinate everything with our mortgage broker as well. We ultimately closed on the house within 45 days, and moved into our dream home.” 

After the fact, Alex revealed that sharing two firsts in the same day, that of father and home-buyer, would not have been possible without my team: “Millie and her team are top-notch; I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a home. We will be using them for all our real estate needs going forward.”