Buying and selling with clients that become friends


Marc and I go way, way back. I absolutely love my clients who ultimately become friends--and Marc is one of my longest standing! We’ve been through a lot together too: selling the home he built in Lincoln Park, buying and selling a home in Wicker Park, and now ultimately renting back in Lincoln Park.

“Millie is a good, sweet person, and we get along so well. She’s basically the opposite of many of the other big producers,” Marc said. “Plus, she’s been at it so long that she knows Lincoln Park better than anyone. I trust her Lincoln Park advice more than anyone.”

For Marc, trust is the biggest factor to consider when it comes to which real estate broker to work with when buying or selling. When I asked him why he trusted me so much, he said: “We just get along so well! When I trust someone, they become a friend.” I feel the same way, Marc!

Marc also reports having a great experience with Joe Palmisano, the lawyer that I recommended he use for his deal. It’s so important to me that my clients full experience, beyond just working with my team, is as positive and productive as possible.

Here’s to many more years of friendship, and real estate deals, Marc!