My predictions for the winter and spring markets


Around this time of year, I hear the same two questions over and over. First people want to know how to prepare for the winter market, and then they want to know my predictions for the spring market. Of course I don't have a crystal ball, but since I live and breathe the market day in and day out, I do have a few predictions/recommendations to share: 

In real estate, winter is actually short!
For serious buyers and sellers, keep in mind that the winter market actually starts to pick up again right after the new year. For buyers this means doing your homework now so that you are ready to pounce on the right property, and for sellers this means don't wait on any last home projects.

Take advantage of the slower months
If you are thinking of selling next year, assess the condition of your unit now--this is also a great service to request of your broker. The best brokers are able to look at a property and recommend updates/changes that will maximize return. Many vendors consider the winter their slow period, so take advantage of their more open schedules, and maybe even a discount or two on service. 

Projections for spring
This past spring market was on fire! The double digit returns we experienced make me believe that the spring market this year will be as good as it was last year--if not even better! Plus, we haven't seen the spike in interest rates that everyone anticipated, which I also believe won't happen anytime soon.