Success story: "Millie was truly a lifesaver!"


I met Diane and her husband when they became interested in one of my listings. We quickly connected, and sure enough, Diane soon asked me if I would represent them as buyers of the property. I take the role of dual agent very seriously, and in this situation it turned out well for everyone. Says Diane: “Hiring Millie was the best decision we’ve ever made.” Plus, then I helped them sell their property too!

Diane’s purchase went extremely smoothly--we came to an agreement very quickly and easily with the sellers, and everyone was happy. From there, we moved onto getting their condo ready for the market. Says Diane: “Millie hooked us up with a great stager who presented the condo in the very best light. I never would have known where to start! This particular stager (Exit Stage Right), is wonderful because they do it all--use some of the homeowner’s existing pieces, move things around, and bring in replacements to make the home look its best.

Unfortunately once we hit the market, Diane ran into some health issues, and I was asked to take over wherever possible. “It was a hard time, but I knew Millie wouldn’t let anything fall through the cracks, which not all brokers can do. Millie was truly a lifesaver,” Diane says.

We ultimately sold their condo, and Diane and her husband are happily living in their new duplex down. When asked if she would recommend Millie to a friend, Diane said: “Absolutely! My youngest child just moved here from Baltimore, and she already knows who will help her find a home when the time is right!”