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' Millie is businesslike, responsive and no one could know the Chicago real estate market better than she does. Even though our condominium was not one ... more '
by prsonderby


' Millie is a true professional that handled all the details from staging, showings, negotiating and closing. Not once was I inconvienced. The entire ... more '
by rich089
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"When you work with Millie, you get the best Chicago has to offer," touts Gerald Fogelson, President of The Fogelson Companies and co-founder of The Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate Advisory Board at Roosevelt University, when he introduces her to speak at events.  Talk to her past clients, the developers she works with, or her industry peers, and you''ll get the same response.  When you work with Millie, she gets the job done, plain and simple.

The ‘no-stone-unturned'' philosophy Millie''s honed over the past 20+years in the industry has not only protected her clients, but has gained her the reputation of "iconic to the real estate industry" by her colleagues.  From knowing the exact stain color on a wood floor, to reading the full 200-page condominium rules and regulations document on behalf of her clients, to noticing that the neighbors two-doors down are doing some work on their house, possibly indicating they''re getting ready to sell, her attention to detail always works in favor of her clients.  Known for her integrity, her intrinsic negotiating skills, and her eye for presentation, it''s no surprise that Millie''s sales volume rates in the top 1% among over 14,000 brokers in Chicago.

Residential clients, developers, investors, and other brokers look to Millie for advice regarding market trends, product feasibility, floor plans, finishes, amenities, cost analysis, and pricing.  She has participated in the acquisition of over $520 million in land development sites and has procured over $500 million in residential development sales, overseeing each from inception through final sell-out.  Additionally, Millie has brokered over $1 billion in individual residential sales.

Millie is a currently a Broker with the Baird & Warner Lincoln Park office, where she is number 1 in the company sales out of over 2,000 agents.


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09/07/2016 - ragnarok4284
Bought a Condo home in 2016 in Near West Side, Chicago, IL.

I've heard that Millie is the top agent for Baird & Warner, and one of the top agents in Illinois. I know she's won numerous awards including from her peers. These are not why we chose to go with Millie. My wife and I had been searching for a new home in Chicago after relocating back here. We More 



08/24/2016 - bh10908
Bought a Single Family home in 2016 in Ranch Triangle, Chicago, IL.

Millie is great to work with. Her knowledge of the Chicago market and the network she has created within it are unparalleled. My wife and I had circulated through a few brokers over the years as we had a very specific idea of what we wanted and it wasn't easy to find in our area. In the end, More 



I've heard that Millie is the top agent for Baird & Warner, and one of the top agents in Illinois. I know she's won numerous awards including from her peers. These are not why we chose to go with Millie. My wife and I had been searching for a new home in Chicago after relocating back here. We  started out with a large, "online" type of agency, had gone on countless home tours over the course of a year, and were no closer to owning a home. We felt we were not getting enough feedback from our agent, and had lost out on a number of offers as a result. Quite frankly, I felt that they were somewhat disengaged in the process. One day, I was in the lobby of our condo and I spied Millie taking another client on a tour in our building. Within minutes, I could tell that she had a good rapport with them, was pointing out features of the building that they may have missed, and offering personalized advice. Clearly, here was someone who had listened to their clients with regards to what they were looking for and was fully engaged in the process. I literally chased her across the street to her car when she was done and introduced myself and got her card. Immediately after calling her, giving her our list of criteria, Millie began working on putting together some potential options. Within days, found some homes we were interested in touring. She set these up, and we instantly felt at ease. She and her associate Lydia clearly knew the market and was able to walk us through the tours, offering valuable insights regarding location, potential faults, competetive pricing, etc. One month into working with Millie, I found a home that I was very interested in, which had been on the market for 2 days. We made an offer on day four. 45 minutes after making said offer, my wife went into labor. While driving to the hospital in crazed new-dad mode, Millie called me back with a counter from the seller, and asked what I wanted to do. I would have accepted the counter, but told Millie that I was in no place to make a decision, and asked her to take the lead. SHE decided to counter considerably lower, which was actually accepted. Over the next 48 hours, while we were in the hospital, I relied on Millie's advice and extensive network of contacts, followed her instructions step-by-step to set up attorney review, inspection, etc. She helped coordinate everything with our mortgage broker as well. We ultimately closed on the house within 45 days, and just moved in last week to our dream home. Being a first time home-buyer and dad on the same day, let me tell you that we absolutely could not have survived this process without her expertise, her guidance, and her support. Millie, Lydia, and her team are top-notch, and I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a home. We will be using them for all of our real-estate needs going forward. Oh, I just received in the mail a wonderful, personalized book that Millie sent to our son for his birth. 
Millie is great to work with. Her knowledge of the Chicago market and the network she has created within it are unparalleled. My wife and I had circulated through a few brokers over the years as we had a very specific idea of what we wanted and it wasn't easy to find in our area. In the end,  Millie got it done for us and we are very happy in our new home. Two thumbs up for Millie!

I don't normally write reviews about products, companies or people, but in this case I want anyone reading this that you don't have to look any further for your real estate agent. My wife and I spent several months working with different agents. I guess it wasn't a surprise that a lot of agents  are inexperienced and don't really know what they're doing. After months and months of searching we finally came across the extremely knowledgeable, professional and talented Millie. With Millie, you don't only get her 30+ years of experience, you also get her extremely adept and professional team which includes the amazingly talented Lydia. I can't say enough good things about working with both of them! With their assistance we were able to buy the house of our dreams. They constantly went above and beyond helping us out and we'll forever be grateful. I'd highly recommend anyone trying to find an agent or the perfect house/condo to give Millie a call!



We made a career move to Chicago and engaged Millie for the purchase of our town home in Lincoln Park. Without a doubt, Millie is the most professional, knowledgeable, sensitive, perceptive, and helpful agent we've ever encountered. As two men who were unfamiliar with Chicago, we depended on Millie  to give us the lay of the land, listen to our needs, advise us on areas/housing types, then strategize. Millie stayed patient as we changed our parameters from seeking a rental to making a purchase, and she kept us on track after the disappointment of a near-purchase that fell through (fickle seller). In the end, we found the perfect home, and it's all due to Millie's perseverance and keen guidance. Her years of experience were invaluable, and her sensitivity to our needs was stellar. Millie's a joy to work with.


This has not been our first move. As a matter of fact, we have moved many times between countries and states within the USA. In every case we have worked with real estate professionals. In that context we can say that Millie Rosenbloom has been the most knowable, skillful, and helpful. Her  knowledge of the complex and dynamic real estate market in Chicago was instrumental in making our move an absolute success. Her empathic skills are extraordinary and allow her to quickly understand her clients. We are in many ways peculiar clients. We are both architects with high expectations for the quality and value of the properties we visited. Millie was able to quickly understand our perspective and filter a large volume of offers into a manageable target. Last but not least, she was always available for guiding us in the process, share her wisdom about the strategic value of our options, and provide the always needed handholding. When it is time to move again we will certainly ask Millie to take us through the process.



Millie is a class act. She knows the local market and nuances of pockets within it. She is professional to work with and thinks both big picture and small details. Millie was creative in ways to highlight the unique features of the home and found the right buyer in a competitive market.
Millie and her team were very knowledgeable about the Chicago market and provided top notch advice and services throughout the sale process of our Lincoln Park condo. Very professional and thorough every step of the way. Highly recommend her for anyone on the buy or sell side.
Millie was absolutely phenomenal. She found me exactly what I was looking for and helped me find and close on my first home within 30 days!!! Millie also has a great network. I was able to use all of her resources (lawyer, brokers, etc) and they got the job done and were a pleasure to work with.  Millie is smart, responsive, efficient, knows the market, is easy to work with, and this process was just a pleasure because of her. I would highly recommend using Millie to buy or purchase a home. You will be happy you did!


In a nutshell, we were absolutely thrilled with Millie. She listed our single family home for about 10 percent MORE than what other brokers suggested, and delivered two full price offers within three days of hitting the market. Millie "drove the bus" for the entire process, and alleviated any  stress or angst a home seller might otherwise endure.

My husband and I sought out the very best Realtor in Chicago to sell our historic brownstone house in the Astor Historic District in Chicago. My mother has been a Realtor in NY for decades, so I was very particular and picky in my search. After interviewing the top five brokers in the Gold Coast and Lincoln Park, we chose Millie, and are so happy we did! Here's what we loved about Millie:

1. Millie is kind and positive, which set the tone for the entire home sale process. No matter how lovely your home might be, it seems that the trend with many Realtors is to tell you everything that is wrong with your home during the first tour (this was the case with the other four brokers I interviewed). This is NOT Millie's style. Instead, Millie was kind, positive, and pointed out all of the great and unique aspects of the our home, and offered helpful hints to stage some areas. She made us feel good. Your home is like your child, and you want to hear good things about it. Additionally, Millie doesn't engage in any of the Realtor cattiness. She keeps it classy and positive throughout. I can't emphasize enough how vital this is for someone who is representing your home.

2. Millie is incredibly sharp, and very well-respected amongst her peers. I first learned of Millie's name when another Realtor friend referred to her as "the most well-respected powerhouse in Chicago." Additionally, when I broke the news to the other Realtors we interviewed, they all remarked in one way or another that Millie is excellent. When we were interviewing brokers, many said that we might have to sell at a lower price, due to the lower price we paid when we first bought the home. Not Millie. Her response to that issue was, "No other brokers would try to pull that bologna with me. The market will predict the value of your home, and that's it." She was thankfully correct.

3. Millie is knowledgable, and a fantastic negotiator. When we had the two full price offers within the first week of listing, Millie was quick not to let one of the offers go. She did her homework, and presented us with the buyer she thought was strongest. At the same time, she was able to keep the secondary buyer in the game until after inspection and contracts were signed. We felt protected.

4. Millie has an exceptional team. The young ladies who work with Millie are the utmost professionals. They are like mini Millies: Sharp, attentive, knowledgable, beautiful, impeccably dressed, and kind. Millie is quite simply the best.



Millie helped us buy a town home and simultaneously sell our condo in Lincoln Park. We loved working with her and were impressed with her great market knowledge and strategy both with our listing and negotiating as buyers. When looking for a new place, Millie helped us choose a home that is  perfect for us. When we considered stretching beyond our original price range, Millie actually encouraged us to stick with it given what we wanted and what was available - and that made a lasting impression on us. Millie is extremely responsive and when we worked with members of her team on occasion, they were just as professional, courteous and responsive. We are thrilled with the outcome on both counts and greatly, greatly appreciate Millie's guidance and approach.



Millie provides the gold-standard of real estate services in Chicago. When we first met Millie she was representing the seller of a foreclosed property we were purchasing. The process was complex and we ran into several issues that almost killed the deal. Millie handled these challenges with  grace and integrity and brought the deal to close. We were so impressed with Millie that we asked her to represent us in purchasing another foreclosed investment property. Millie’s advice was spot on and we got a smoking deal on the property. In both instances Millie was impressively responsive to our needs (big and small) and was, at all times, a consummate professional. In addition, Millie’s knowledge of the Chicago real estate market is impressive, making her a great asset to have on your side in any kind of real estate transaction. We are currently working with Millie on yet another project, and look forward to a long, fruitful partnership with her.  



Millie did a great job on our behalf. We were very pleased with the visibility and activity associated with the sale of our asset. I would be pleased to work with her in the future.


Millie sold a home for me in 2014. She handled the sales process with perfection, it was a seamless transition. Her negotiating skills and professionalism helped me achieve a great price. Millie's team was fantastic, they are extremely detailed, organized and diligent in giving each client the  same level of service. I highly recommend Millie to anyone looking to buy or sell. Millie is the best broker Chicago real estate has to offer.

Millie helped us buy this property 20 years ago and she helped us sell it this year. She is THE consummate professional. We could not be happier with our relationship and her services.

Millie sold our Gold Coast condo in Fall of 2015. It was a very positive experience from start to finish. I have young children at home and Millie gladly worked around their schedules for showings and meetings. Her responsiveness to our emails and calls made me feel like I was a top priority.   My unit sold quicker than expected and for a new high $ / square foot in our building. Millie then helped me find a short term rental since I could not yet move in to my new place. Obviously selling a home is a pretty stressful process, but I was able to relax with Millie on my side because she seemed so prepared for everything. She was always working behind the scenes, gave me tons of guidance, and had a trusted contact for every service/support need I had from day 1. I highly recommend working with Millie.

Millie is a very professional realtor and business person. When I interviewed her she showed up with information and market knowledge. She has a staff that is also professional and well informed. I feel she went that extra mile for me and my property. I would most highly recommend Millie and I  would use her services again.

Millie is EXCELLENT! You can tell she is very experienced. We rate her knowledge base and negotiation skills 10 out of 10. She goes the extra mile for her clients and is so on top of things. Highly responsive and kept in contact with us to ensure things were ok on our end. Meanwhile, she was  working behind the scenes to ensure that we were protected. She reached out to our mortgage broker and real estate agent to ensure things didn't fall through the cracks. Really on top of things! I cannot think of one thing she could have done better with our situation. I definitely refer her whenever I get a chance and we are really lucky we found her to help negotiate a great deal on our new townhouse.

Millie helped us sell our home in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. We selected Millie because of her knowledge of the area and her reputation across Chicago. She did not fail us!! Her team did an amazing job coordinating tours around our schedule and most importantly, they were ALWAYS present during a tour. We had faith and confidence that Mille and her team had our best interest in mind at all times. Millie also provided a broker in her agency to help us find our new home. She has a knack for finding the right resource for each project. We were very well taken care of by her team and would highly recommend her for your next Chicago home sale and/or purchase!

Millie is truly a professional --- she knows the market, she knows her clients, and consistently provides sound advice.

Mille has very asute staging skills, excellent market knowledge and superb negotiating skills; Millie will get you the best price possible for your home...if you only heed her advice!

Without question, Millie Rosenbloom is the most talented, savvy, and "get-it-done" realtor I've ever known or worked with. In fact, Millie and I began our real estate association in 1993 and it continues at the present time. During this period, Millie researched, initiated, and negotiated 21 real estate transactions on my behalf. She is a recognized and highly respected expert in both residential and commercial real estate. Her insights and experience make her one of the most successful realtors in and around Chicago and throughout the State. Clients will also find Millie to be of high integrity, intentive, thorough, personable, and caring. Excellence in providing outstanding and responsive service is indeed a passion with Millie. Simply put, if you're seeking optimal results regardless of your real estate goals or needs, look no further.

Millie was integral in selling my property during difficult times in the building industry, her dedication and perseverance went beyond a client and real estate agent relationship and I can honestly say that she always had my best interest at heart. I selected her because of her expertise in the market and her reputation but I remained with her because of her integrity and professionalism.

Millie sold my large house in Edgewater (Chicago) area. She was always very personable and professional. She also helped me find another smaller house in the Jefferson Park area--also Chicago. Even in the declining house market, Millie was always confident that we would find a buyer for my house. In fact we found a young couple with children that love it as much as my family and I do. My new house needs a lot of work. Millie made sure that I was aware of all the expense and work. We worked with a contractor and inspector to make sure that the house was solid but just needed a lot of updating. Things with the house are going well. She would respond immediately to any e-mails and phone calls. She is extremely knowledgeable in her profession.

Have had experience with this agent while looking for a new residence to live. She listens to what you want, shows you places within your price, and shows places that have your requirements. I would highly recommend this real-estate agent.

Located in a transitonal neighborhood, during a real estate depression Millie did the impossible selling our unique and high cost home in a very impressive time period for a very fair price. Her spot on market insights are all based on the things she brings to the table; hard core market research, great depth of professional experience and ultimatley the passionate pursuit of the right deal.

Millie was a joy to work with when we were looking to purchase a condo in Chicago. She was professional, courteous, warm, and very knowledgeable. She knew a great deal about the different buildings we looked at, and was good about only showing us places that fit the criteria we gave her. We had a great experience working with her, and recommend her highly.

Millie helped us screen properties and negotiate our purchase - she was absolutely first rate!

Millie is extremely knowlegeable about the market and her advice is spot on. She has many outstanding qualities....she listens, she is always available and if you can't reach her immediately she'll call you back same day, she knows how to negotiate, and what i believe to be her most helpful quality is that she will tell you what you need to hear, which is not necessarily what you want to hear. Hire her. You won't be disappointed.

I would never buy or sell a house without Millie. She has sold three houses for me now, and bought two, and each time she made sure I got the best price possible and that the deal closed. Millie is hard working, honest, straightforward and a true professional.

Millie Rosenbloom has handled two residential sales for me.

I will continue to place my confidence in Millie for any and all future real estate transactions.

Millie has a fabulous network of professionals that can help you get your house ready for sale. She also has peers who help price your home correctly. She is professional, provides honest feedback, and was able to sell our home in record time. We recommend her to all our friends.

Millie knows the ins and outs of Chicago real estate. She is currently helping us sell our house. We have so much confidence in Millie and have been very impressed every step of the way.

My wife and I were very impressed by how well Ms. Rosenbloom knows the Chicago Gold Coast and Sheffield neighborhoods. She was able to identify properties that would match our needs and give us a good understanding of each of them. We appreciated her enthusiasm and energy and would recommend her services to anyone needing an agent in these areas.

Experience could not have been better. Millie posses an encyclopedic knowledge of the market helping to make the right decisions efficiently and effectively

Millie was in touch with the market place and was very responsive to my needs. She is a true professional who does not quit until the job is done. One of her services I liked most was a dedicated team to move the property. She provided me with a stager, lawyer, title company, plumber, and more. If you are looking for a true professional that is a pleasure to work with, Millie is that person. 

Millie was great to work with in our search for a condo. As we looked at units, she took our feedback and refined the search. We felt she was actively looking on our behalf. She helped guide us through both the negotiation process and the closing. We would recommend her and use her again.

Many a Chicago agent can negotiate a run-of-the-mill real estate transaction to close. Few can successfully navigate the tricky to nearly-impossible property sales into a win-win for every party involved. Millie is that professional. When the going gets tough, Millie gets to work ironing out the kinks. She has a solid team of real estate professionals to back her every move and she keeps an invaluable circle of tried and true vendors close by that are ready to jump in at a moment's notice to shed more light for her clients. Millie's the cream of the crop when it comes to Chicago real estate!

We had a great experience working with Millie. She found what we wanted and we,re very happy. She was very responsive and very helpful. I would highly recommend her. She did a great job listing and selling our existing condo then helped us find and negotiated a great price for our new condo.

We are so happy to have found Millie. She succeeded in listing and selling our home and helpied us to buy a new one. Millie knows the Chicago real estate market and neighborhoods very well. After listing our home we had numerous and consistent showings. She negotiated two great deals for on the sale of our home and the other on the home we bought. Millie is supported by an extremely knowledgeable and responsive support team. Millie is ethical and she always had our best interests at the forefront. She is also very honest, even when the truth hurts......whether it's helping to stage our home for resale, or letting us know when a certain prospective home or neighborhood isn't "right" for us! We were delighted and more than satisfied with our relationship with Millie and wholeheartedly recommend her to list your home and/or to help you find a new one!

In 1995 our co-op apt. had been on the market for 2 1/2 yrs w/o any bids. We changed realtors and picked Millie at advice of friends. She found a buyer in 2 weeks. This past year we chose to place our condo apt. on the market in order to move to a contin. care retirement comm'ty and again chose Millie rosenbloom who exceeded our expectations in service and professionalism. She is up-beat and strengthened our resolve when the process slowed. She found a buyer and was of great help in closing the sale. I have recommended her to several friends in the past.

In just two days of looking, Millie helped us zero in on the ideal place to suit our needs--right location, price and amenities. Her market knowledge was comprehensive and impressive.

We knew we wanted to be in downtown Chicago but we didn't know what area would best suit us. After touring several condos & areas with Millie, Millie instinctively knew where we would be the happiest. She found us the right place for the right price. We love it here.

Millie is one of the best brokers I have ever used. She is well respected among her peers. She works in the best interests of her clients and knows how to get the job done.
November 23, 2014

She sold us one house and years later sold it for us. She is totally spectacular in every possible way. the consummate professional--honest, hardworking, straight-forward and easy to work with. The best!!!
November 23, 2014

Millie is highly focussed on getting the job done. She told us exactly what we needed to do to sell our home, and made sure that we had the support staff to get our home ready for sale in lightening speed. She listened carefully to what we said, quickly responded to emails/phone calls, consistently followed up and provided a steady hand. Our home sold at the bottom of the housing market.

Millie is clearly a leader in the field. She knows all the other agents and they respect her. She's no-nonsense, provides her opinion on the homes themselves, and keeps the process moving forward quickly (which is what we wanted).

I am a real estate attorney who has worked with Millie, as well as a number of other real estate agents in the area. As busy as Millie is, she is always completely on top of her transactions and works tirelessly to make sure they get done and done right.

Millie listened to what we wanted and then went out and found it (twice). Very responsive. Understands the market. She made the entire process manageable and understandable for us.

My wife and I were house hunting in the North Shore suburbs around the New Trier school district. Millie was terrific at finding several homes within our budget and getting us around town on a tight schedule. We saw many homes and eventually settled in on a terrific place in Winnetka. Millie was a great advocate and represented us masterfully throughout the process. There were several points of negotiation along the way and we were delighted with the outcome at each turn.

Furthermore, we needed Millie's guidance regarding contractors, lawyers, mortgage bankers and more. Coming in from out of town, we knew no one. Millie's incredible network went to work for us and we were absolutely thrilled with how well they all did.

Millie is a real pro. I'll go back to her over and over again.

Mille has represented me as both a seller and a buyer over the years. She is absolutely trustworthy and misses nothing related to a transaction. She reads everything and understands every detail in a deal and in fact during one sale the zoning certificate resulted in issues that could have negatively impacted the closing, however being straight forward and one step ahead of everyone, Millie solved the issues masterfully. She returned calls and was available when I needed her to be. Millie was potential risks/exposure to me where others would have missed it and sought to protect me during our transaction(s). She is a remarkable professional and person.

Millie is a highly intelligent professional. She knows her stuff, she knows the market and she knows how to get the job done. She doesn't hesitate to tell you to get realistic on price and why. She is able to bring a fresh breath of reality on the deal.

Millie was outstanding. Through her extensive contact and net working list, she found a buyer for the property very near our initial listing price before the property was even put on the multiple list. This was a total success in every respect which would not have happened without her contacts, net working and aggressive marketing.

Millie was very professional in her approach to finding us a condo. In addition, she has a great personality. We were looking for newer building when we contacted her. In the past, Millie headed a number of sales team that sold units in new buildings for developers. As such, she knew the buildings and a number of sales agents working with the kind of product that we were looking for. After contract signing, Millie worked with all parties involved to facilitate the due diligence and closing process as we were in Europe and not readily available during that period.

Millie was terrific. She is very professional, knows the market, and was responsive to all our needs. She was willing to spend as much time as possible in order to find the right property. She was very thorough in her market evaluation. I would always use her as my broker.

She was, without a doubt, a consummate professional in every possible way. She's one of the top in the business for this very reason. She had been attentive to each of our needs and was readily responsive. She guided us in making our decision, gave frank appraisals of various properties, and never once pressured us to buy quickly. We had a limited time schedule and she worked within those boundaries without a single problem noted. Millie was also very personable, approachable, and she has a warm and genuine personality that makes the entire stressful experience of purchasing a home all the easier. She is without question one of the finest professionals I've ever dealt with in any field.

Millie helped us find a condo in Chicago to be used as an in-town second home. We began the search as real novices about Chicago neighborhoods and condo options. She guided us through the various choices we needed to make. The daily online postings were very helpful and saved us a wasted visits. Ultimately, we visited about 20 units over 4-5 afternoons before arriving at our choice, over time getting clearer about what we wanted. 

Millie is extremely knowledgeable and responsive and is highly respected by other real estate professionals. We enthusiastically recommend her services.

Millie is knowledgeable and savvy! you know she is always looking out for you, and will be glad to have her on your side of the negotiations! We plan to use her again and would recommend her to anyone!

Millie proved to be an excellent partner in every aspect of listing and selling my home. Her vast knowledge of everything from market conditions to mechanicals is unparalleled. When you hire Millie, you get Millie, she was personally there every step of the way.

Millie was great to work with! She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the industry. She consistently kept in touch with us (always with an impeccable response time- even at night and on the weekends) and thoroughly talked us through all of the steps during the process of purchasing our home. She is very pleasant to be around, easy to talk to and easy to understand and we felt she truly had our best interests and happiness in mind at all times. We enjoyed working with her, we love our new home and we absolutely recommend her!

Millie is professional, knowledgable, and friendly.

The best realtor I have EVER worked with.

She was always on time, never rushed us and knew exactly what we were looking for. Never once did she suggest a property that wasn't something that we wouldn't have chosen. Her staff is also excellent.

I have told everyone I know to use her services. The Best in Chicago!!!!

Millie is knowledgeable, patient and takes the time to listen to and understand her clients needs. She provides keen insight about the market and is honest and straightforward about properties for sale and about the strengths and weaknesses of the property you plan to sell.

I have never in 50 years of buying and selling homes) found an agent more trustworthy and understanding. Millie is the best.

We will be empty nesters soon and met with Millie to discuss our desire to move to the Gold Coast from the suburbs. This is the ninth time we have bought a home in our 30 year marriage, so we know good (and not-so-good) real estate work. Within weeks she helped us narrow our search to just a couple of buildings. When the "right" place became obvious she stepped in with more of her expertise to get us what we wanted. The process was quicker (happily) than we expected - much of that attributable to Millie. 

It was a pleasure to work with Millie. She is well-known and respected among her peers - an absolute professional with immense industry knowledge. Plus, she has the added bonus of being extremely likeable!

Millie is a true professional that handled all the details from staging, showings, negotiating and closing. Not once was I inconvienced. The entire transaction was less than 3 months and the selling price was very good. I have sold 10 homes in the past 20 years and Millie was by far the best at all parts of the transaction.


Millie is businesslike, responsive and no one could know the Chicago real estate market better than she does. Even though our condominium was not one of the high end properties that Millie has been so successful in marketing, she gave us her full attention and managed to sell it within a month and at a good price. We would unhesitatingly recommend Millie to anyone looking to buy or sell Chicago real estate.


Without question, Millie Rosenbloom is the most talented, savvy, and "get-it-done" realtor I've ever known or worked with. In fact, Millie and I began our real estate association in 1993 and it continues at the present time. During this period, Millie researched, initiated, and negotiated 15 real estate transactions on my behalf. Her insights and experience make her undoubtedly one of the most successful Realtors in and around Chicago. Clients will find her to be very personable and caring, with an integrity level second to none. Excellence in providing outstanding and responsive service is a passion with Millie. Clearly, if you're seeking optimal results in whatever real estate goals or needs you have, you must work with the best. Millie is just that!

My wife and I were very impressed by how well Ms. Rosenbloom knows the Chicago Gold Coast and Sheffield neighborhoods. She was able to identify properties that would match our needs and give us a good understanding of each of them. We appreciated her enthusiasm and energy and would recommend her services to anyone needing an agent in these areas.

Many Chicago agents can negotiate a run-of-the-mill real estate transaction to close. Few can successfully navigate the tricky to nearly-impossible property sales into a win-win for every party involved. Millie is that professional. When the going gets tough, Millie gets to work ironing out the kinks. She has a solid team of real estate professionals to back her every move and she keeps an invaluable circle of tried and true vendors close by that are ready to jump in at a moment's notice to shed more light for her clients. Millie's the cream of the crop when it comes to Chicago real estate!


Great working with Millie. My condo was a quick sell from the time of posting. She guided us with what needed to be done internal to make it selling quality, this was very helpful. Thank you. I would work with Millie again for any future housing needs.


Outstanding in every respect. Millie always returned each and every phone call promptly.  Millie arranged for several on site viewings with the selling agent and without the agent. She arranged for the appropriate contractors to provide inspections and submit a very thorough report.  She followed up with the property manager for answers to my inquiries.  We were successful in the bid process because Millie insisted that the condo was in the condition she felt was best for the price we settled on.  Because of Millie the closing went very well and we are thrilled with our purchase.

Millie is knowledgeable and efficient. She not only helped prepare the house well for sale but she quickly made it a highly visible in the market. It then sold quickly (even relative to the market) at a fair price. We could not have been happier and would turn to Millie again any time we are in the Chicago real estate market as a buyer or seller.


Millie was great to work with. She was extremely knowledgeable about the local real estate market. She also discerned very quickly what we liked and didn't like, with the result that we were shown places that could be a fit for us and we didn't waste time looking at places that wouldn't work. When we did find the "right" place, Millie was a great negotiator, so we got an very good. price. She was also excellent with the closing process, identifying possible snags and finding effective solutions. All her office staff and support services were at the highest level of professionalism.


My experience with Millie was positive from start to finish. Not only did she help us find the right place, she steered us through the entire home-buying process, serving as our advocate and expert negotiator. And she brought a lot of other resources to the table. Her long-term relationships with other experts was a bonus. For example, the attorney she recommend to handle our transaction gave us excellent service. Millie's office colleagues were also very helpful. With only a few hours of notice one of them was able to secure a cleaning crew willing to come in to our new place at 7 a.m., just ahead of the arrival of our furnishings. Having purchased and sold several homes in my life, I have some basis for comparison, and am happy to highly recommend Millie Rosenbloom.

Upon moving to Chicago, we enlisted Millie to help us find a condo to call home. We were familiar with some of the neighborhoods, but unfamiliar with the market. Millie was more than helpful and lead us every step of the way. She helped us find a mortgage broker, attorney, and inspector. She helped with everything! When we sold our condo years later, it was a no brainer who we should contact. Millie and her team sold our place in approximately two weeks. Other units in our building took a few months. If you are looking to buy or sell, we highly recommend Millie and her team!

Millie was an did an amazing job selling my Gold Coast condo. We got an excellent price and Millie helped me through the entire process. She guided the other realtor who was very junior, in following thru on the getting the mortgage approval. She had a great team of resources that helped us each step of the way. I credit Millie on the success of the sale ;-) I would highly recommend using Millie for any and all Chicago area real estate :-)

Millie helped us buy a new condo and sell our old condo. She was excellent at controlling our emotions and helping in decide how to negotiate for a new condo that we wanted and others were negotiating on at the same time. She also was able to sell our existing condo from listing to sale in 35 days at a price we thought was more than we could obtain the market was hot and that was part of the dynamic and Millie again kept us grounded and was excellent in helping set an asking price and advising us during the negotiations.

Millie really made things move smoothly. When we had an issue with the buyer's attorney, she immediately stepped in and contacted the buyer's broker, and the issue got resolved. If she couldn't respond promptly, someone in her office contacted me. Well worth it to have Millie on your team.

Millie was able to sell our home in a timely fashion. Through her expertise and knowledge of the profession and the market, she priced our home properly, brought qualified buyers to review, negotiated expertly, and finalized our deal. We would recommend her highly and would use her again if we sell another property.