Latin School of Chicago

The Latin School of Chicago


Latin School of Chicago was established back in 1888 and since then it has been committed to providing an environment where learning thrives. Latin is an elementary and middle private school that compases a three building campus located in the Gold Coast of Chicago. The school houses state of the art teaching facilities which include modern classrooms, computer labs, language departments, science departments, a performing arts wing, a 500 seat capacity theatre, two libraries, a rooftop playground, three gymnasiums, a swimming pool, a photography lab, a gallery, dance studio and a green roof garden. Each year Latin School of Chicago enrolls over 1,100 students from junior kindergarten through to 12th grade. Latin School of Chicago’s students hail from various parts of Chicago’s suburbs. The average class size is 21 students in lower school, 18 students in middle school and 14 students in upper school. The faculty consists of over 160 men and women out of which 76% percent are advanced degree holders in their respective field. In addition Latin has a faculty fellowship program, a support program and a sabbatical program for continued teacher development.

Summer Camp for ages 3-14

Summer in Chicago is a great time for kids to engage in outdoor activity and the Latin School of Chicago offers a number of different activity opportunities even for kids who are not students of the school. Latin’s summer camps include sports, and field trips which are designed to be as much fun as they are educational. The objective of our summer camps is to help both preschoolers through to teenagers make new friends, increase confidence, learn new things and have lots of fun.

Summer Programs for Grades 6-12

Latin School of Chicago offers a number of activities for students of middle and upper school. These are mainly non-credit activities with some of the programs designed for children who are 6 years of age. Summer programs are available to all students including those who are not students of the school. Courses include arts, language arts, languages, science and mathematics offered from Monday through Friday.

Student Life

Students at the Latin School of Chicago get to participate in over 20 different competitive varsity sports teams including football, baseball, and basket ball. Students also have the option of joining over 50 available clubs, affinity groups and organizations. Those who are interested in performance arts can participate in various theatrical performances which are staged at numerous events planned throughout the academic year. These performances are often designed to be both educational and entertaining for students and visitors alike. In addition, Latin School of Chicago’s students also enter into a number of national arts, academic and local competitions. The school’s Scholastic Bowl team is the most popular in Chicago and so is Latin’s award winning yearbook.